What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Tutorial In 2021

Do you want free years of traffic? No need for social media? Only organic views are available? You can get thousands of views free of charge through the web. This is the search engine optimization. With this you can get free views from google and Bing. These views are the name of the organic views.

Table of Contents

  • Social traffic vs Search Engine traffic:
  • Learning SEO:
  • How to do this seo:
  • There are two types of SEO:
  • OFFPAGE SEO Types :
  • 1.Link Building:
  • 2.Social Media Marketting:
  • 3.Content Promotion:

Social traffic vs Search Engine traffic:

Social Traffic: If you are using social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) to get link and share views, it is social traffic. $ cpc’s available)

Search engine traffic : Search engine traffic is a great way to get more views from big search engines like Google Bing. Search engine traffic is not as easy or as difficult.

The truth is I don’t want to stir up desire, you can get 50 $ cpc umbrella if you do seo correctly. We’ll see about that in this post.

Learning SEO:

When you search in the search engine, your keyword will result in SEO. So your website bounce rate will decrease.

How to do this seo:

SEO means optimizing your website according to the search engine. How to do it?

There are two types of SEO:

1.On-Page SEO

2.OFF-Page SEO

On Page SEO:

Onpage SEO is the site where you make changes to your website.

You use SEO Title, Permalink, Meta description in your post. Onpage SEO is exactly that if optimized properly.

When you publish a post, you need to search for the keyword according to your post. Then put that keyword in your post title, meta description and permalink so that search engines know what your post is about and it will immediately bring your post to the first page.

Make sure you have broken links on your website. If you leave a post and delete it after a few days, the link will show 404 errors to those who go through it.

If you redirect it to the homepage or redirect to your post, you will remove broken links.

You can learn about your site onpage SEO by scanning your site using seo tools (semrush, ahrefs).

Onpage SEO is the name of this process. If you do it right, your website will get good views from your search engine.


Offpage SEO is the offpage seo that works outside the website. This means you can share whatsapp, facebook and even offpage seo.

No matter how you view your website from outside, it’s off-page seo.


1.Link Building

2.Social Media Marketting

3.Content Promotion

These are the main types of offpage seo.

1.Link Building:

Link building is the link building from the backlinks to the other website.

2.Social Media Marketting:

You can also get backlinks by sharing on social media but it is a no-follow link.

3.Content Promotion:

What you pay for and promote is content promotion. You promote it through Google AdWords and Facebook’s ads

By doing this, visitors will get your backlink by holding your post and sharing it on the site so that they can increase the serp (search engine ranking position).


You need to do this correctly by doing SEO and driving traffic to your most desired product. Hope you know the basics about seo in this post. We will see this in more depth in an upcoming post.

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